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Tarryn & Jamie – 21 August 2015

Fairy tales do exist…. These two are completely made for each other!

We did their E-shoot at Pretville in Harties and a month later we photographed their wedding at Oakfield Farm in Muldersdrift.

The venue, the couple, the perfect summer’s day… It was magical.

I’ve asked Tarryn to share her journey with Jamie and …

In a nutshell …It all started in the year 2005…

Jamie and I met through a friend and in some funny and weird way we didn’t like each other but secretly, we had the biggest crush on each other. It was a love / hate kind of crush and very odd one too.

Later on in that year, we went away for the weekend with a group of friends and that weekend away confirmed our feelings for one another. Only on our way home from the weekend away, did Jamie ask me for my number, which I then gave to him. We couldn’t stop messaging one another for weeks and weeks but in-between the weeks of messaging one another, we would occasionally see each other and our feelings grew stronger and stronger every time we saw each other.

Needless to say, on the 29th November 2005, Jamie and I were officially a couple. He asked me to be his girlfriend in the sweetest most “traditional” way possible. His exact words were “Do you Tarryn, take Me Jamie, to be your boyfriend?” and of course I said… “I do“.  (Who knew I would land up saying “I Do” again almost 10 years later, only this time, to be his wife).

Jamie finally popped the question on the 13th March 2013 while we were on holiday in Dubai. He couldn’t have chosen a more spectacular place to propose to me. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him at the top of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. It was a day so magical, I will never forget it till the day I die.

During the many years we have been together, we have shared so many happy and sad memories and have been through good times and bad times. We really do have a rock solid relationship that many of our family and friends admire.

After spending so many years together and sharing so many awesome memories, I can truly say that Jamie and I are meant to be together. We complete each other in so many ways and we couldn’t imagine life without each other. I can honestly say that I married my best friend and the best part of it all, is that, I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

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A beautiful Autumn session

About a month and a half ago we did a maternity shoot for the lovely and glowing Leandra and her fiancé, Steven. We did the shoot at Delta Park, Victory Park on a beautiful autumn morning. This is probably my favorite time of the year to do shoots at Delta park because of the majestic orange and yellow trees and the leaves blowing in the wind….


These two were pretty shy throughout the entire shoot but they were glowing and that’s exactly what came through the lens.


I could tell by the way they were with one another that this baby was just so perfect for them before they have even met him. This weekend we get to meet little Aiden for the first time and we cannot wait to photograph this perfect little boy.


I will be posting some pictures of Aiden on our blog and facebook page soon….

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For the love of vintage and some added fun!

When I first booked the shoot with this couple I was so excited by the ideas that Litsa had for their shoot. I love when a couple knows exactly what they want from their shoot and it also makes taking photos according to their style super easy!!

Litsa had a vintage, black and white, Greece styled shoot in mind and she also loved the idea of throwing paint. I simply couldn’t let her choose just one of these themes so we decided to do both.

We did the vintage aviation theme at the SAA Museum in Germiston, where they were incredibly helpful and friendly. We spent an hour there and where they opened a boeing 747 plane for us to shoot in the cockpit etc.

We then went to the south of Johannesburg where we found an open field to do the paint shoot. The photos we took with the paint are so fun and their true personalities where shown and their intimate love for each other.


For Photographers:

  • Meet with couple before-hand to make them feel comfortable with you
  • Explain what is expected of them on the day of the shoot
  • Send out a brief for them to read through a week prior to the shoot regarding clothing,

venue etc.

  • Get a feel for their style by asking them to send 5 Pictures of what they love

For the Couple:

  • It’s good to bond with your photographer before the wedding
  • Spend quality time with your partner
  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera before the big day

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Reflecting on 2014 & Kicking off 2015!

As we kick off 2015, I would like to reflect back on 2014 and what we accomplished. Above are some of our favorite moments of 2014 with IKahn Photography. Thank you to everyone that made it that extra special, thank you for the support and love and I know that 2015 will be a better and even bigger year for us.

2015 starts off with a 12 day Photography Challenge on my Instagram. Feel free to follow me @4loveofphotos and join in on the challenge. Hashtag #12daysofphotos and tag me in your photos.

I have set goals for the New Year and I will share them with you in just a moment. I set goals for myself, be it personal or business because it keeps me on my toes for the entire year. I personally think everyone should at least try it once. Last year I completed 4/6 Personal and 4/6 Business goals!! This is mayor!!

My 2015 Goals are as follows;


We have to love! The world would be empty without it. I want to try and love one person a day, even if we just greet them with a smile.               As well as not to get offended by people. This would be a massive accomplishment for most people.


My husband and I love wildlife photography. This year I want to print and sell our wildlife images online or in little shops.

Different Perspective

I want to see beauty in everything. My personal experience in photography is that the ugliest, broken down places have the most beauty through a camera lens. We capture beauty daily! I want to see new things, experience new things, Travel (hopefully to Italy soon) and just experience so much more.


Don’t forget to set goals for the New Year..

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Newborn Photography Tips

A couple of weeks ago we did a Maternity Shoot for the Oelofse Family at Tswalo Grove in the Hartvalley Estate and it was so easy to capture the beauty between these two. You could see and feel the love they have for one another and the photos came out so amazing.

Their beautiful son Ulrigh was created out of this love and was born on 6 November 2014 and a month later we will be doing his Newborn Shoot.

We are extremely excited for tomorrow’s photo shoot of this little one and the family and cannot wait to post the photos on our blog and facebook.

Below is a list of tips for parents when photographing a newborn:

Tips for Newborn Photoshoots

  • Keep baby awake at least 1 hour prior to session. The more sleepy baby is, the easier they will stay asleep.
  • Feed baby 30 minutes before photo session so they will be full. We will take breaks throughout the session to feed baby more, if baby still seems hungry or needs comfort nursing.
  • Please have a small heater available in the room we will be working in for the baby.
  • Bring anything you would like to use in your session. (Blankets, hats, headbands, outfits, etc. You do not need to bring anything if you don’t want to. I have props and blankets available.
  • I may ask that you join in photos of baby so please wear something black or other solid color. Please avoid wearing other bright color such as red, orange, green or yellow.


We hope that these tips help you to better photograph babies. We have found that this has worked well for us and the parents.

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Exciting Times

This year is drawing to a close and we are merely 36 days away from Christmas. That is insane!!!

It’s been such a busy year for us as we have been so blessed throughout our photography journey and finally said “I DO” in July of this year.

As the year comes to an end our website is just the beginning of something new and exciting for us. We have planned and designed our website for months on paper but finally got it all up and running. A big thank you to Kurt Schoerie @ Frozen Chimez for designing our logo and creating our website. We gave Kurt a brief but what he did with that vision was so much more that we could have imagined or hoped for.

We are so blessed and thankful for all the support from our family and friends in the past couple of months and we feel that 2015 is going to be even busier, better and so much more exciting.

On next week’s blog I will be posting about a new challenge that gives us the ability to see the beauty in everything in our daily lives. This won’t only challenge our minds but also make us see things from a different perspective.


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